IREF Services

We take absolute pride in knowing that most of the nation’s rice exports are associated with IREF and are active members.

What We Do?

Here are the following services offered by IREF to its members: 

Market Research and Analysis: 

We provide members with valuable market intelligence and information on global rice demand, price trends and consumer expectations. 

Set Up Buyer-seller Meetings: 

We organise meet-ups between buyers and sellers to expand the export reach and boost the rice business on a greater level. 

Organise Educational Initiatives:

We organise training programmes, workshops and seminars on different factors related to the rice export business for farmers, traders, exporters and stakeholders. 

Discuss Industry-related Issues:

We ensure to offer full support in resolving trade disputes or conflicts that may arise during international transactions.

Market Access Assistance: 

We help members gain access to new markets by recognising possible trade barriers and working towards eliminating or reducing these hindrances. 

Trade Policy Advocacy: 

We represent the interests of the Indian rice export industry to Government authorities and international organisations that influence trade policies in favour of exporters.  

Government Relations: 

We work to advocate favourable policies, incentives and subsidies for the Indian rice export industry at the national and international levels, including coordination with statutory authorities.

Regulatory Compliance Guidance: 

We help members to understand and follow the latest regulations, custom requirements and quality standards of different markets to ensure smooth rice exports.