Iref Governing Body

Governing Body

The Governing Body of IREF serves as the supreme decision-making authority within the organization. As the highest governing body, it is responsible for setting policies, making strategic decisions, and overseeing the operations of IREF. The members of the Governing Body are entrusted with ensuring that the organization functions in accordance with its mission and objectives. They have the authority to make important decisions that impact the direction and activities of IREF. It is their responsibility to ensure transparency, accountability, and good governance in all aspects of the organization’s operations.

In continuation of the letter dt. 29th of July 2023, we are pleased to announce the updated list of office bearers of the Federation as under:


Justice (Retd.) G.S. Sistani, Chief Patron: A retired Judge from the High Court of Delhi, he brings immense legal acumen to our team. 

Shri Rameswar Teli, Hon’ble Minister: The incumbent Minister of State for the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India, and Minister of State for the Ministry of Labour and Employment adds immense value in terms of political acumen and organizational skills. 

Shri A.K. Sinha, IRS (Retd.): As a retired Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (Delhi) and currently a Consultant to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), his extensive experience in governance and international relations will prove invaluable. 

Dr. Rajeev Ranjan, IAS (Retd.): With a diverse portfolio including serving as Secretary of the Government of India, and Chief Secretary of the Government of Tamil Nadu, his public service insights will guide our Federation’s strategic planning. 

Dr. K. Rajeswara Rao, IAS (Retd.): As the Special Secretary of NITI Aayog, his profound understanding of policymaking and administration will be a cornerstone of our strategic direction. 

Shri Raj Kumar Malhotra: As the Chairman of the Export Promotion Council of Handicrafts and the Regional Chairman of FIEO, he brings a wealth of experience in export promotion and international trade.

Shri Ramesh Kumar: Served as Principal District & Sessions Judge, Delhi


  • Dr. Prem Garg – President
  • Shri Angshu mallick (Adani Wilmar) Vice President
  • Shri Rahul Srivastava (tata International) Vice President
  • Shri Anupam Jain (Reliance Retail Limited) – Vice President 
  •  Shri Satya Bhushan Jain (Confederation of All India Traders) – Vice President
  •  Shri Nitin Gupat (Olam Agri India)  – Vice President
  •  Shri Varun Goel (Rudram) – Vice President
  •  Shri Prateek Jindal (Navya Foods) – Vice President
  •  Shri Naresh Gupta (Delhi Grain Merchant Association-President)-Vice President
  •  Shri Anil Monga – National Vice President
  •  Shri Kanishk Manchanda (Sun Cereal) – Secretary
  •  Shri Varun Goel (Rudram) – Treasurer
  •  Shri V. Subramanian (SS Resource Media, Singapore) – Global Advisor
  •  Shri Ravi Kumar – Executive Director (Ex Officio Member)
  •  Shri Sanjeev Ahuja –  Director General
“State Presidents will be members of Central Executive Board at the rank of Vise Presidents.


  • Shri Rohit Gupta (Sarveshwar Group) – State President (Jammu & Kashmir)
  • Shri Khalid H Khan (ITC Limited) – State President (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Shri Madan Verma (Sukhbir Agro) – State President (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Shri Sunil Ramvani (Janki Group) – State President (Gujarat)
  • Shri Raghav Maheshwari (Radika Exim) – State President (Rajasthan)
  • Shri Kamlesh Patel (Sainath Group) – State President (Madhya Pradesh)
  • Shri Rahul Khaitan (Jay Baba Group) – State President (West Bengal)
  • Shri Gopal R. Jhawar (Kripa Impex) – State President (Karnataka)
  • Shri Vijay Setia (Chamanlal Setia Ltd)  – State President (Haryana)