We are both delighted and committed to announce the inauguration of our specialized Dispute Resolution & Advisory (DRA) Wing within the Indian Rice Exporters’ Federation (IREF). Given the intricate nature and challenges inherent in international trade, this wing aims to offer a structured mechanism for grievance redressal, dispute resolution, and expert advisory services for our valued members.

The objective of DRA Wing

The object of the DRA Wing is advisory in nature. Having expertise in the trade, the IREF would be in a position to resolve disputes concerning the members inter se as well as with third parties. Further, besides resolving the dispute, the DRA Wing would be able to advice its members by issuing necessary advisory to the members in respect to the disputes, which would enable the members to be diligent in future transactions.

Eligibility and Services:

Any paid member of IREF may avail themselves of the DRA Wing’s services to resolve trade disputes or seek specialized advice on trade-related issues.

Process Overview:

Below is a detailed explanation of the process for engaging the services of the DRA Wing:

Step1: Initiation of Request

Members may begin the dispute resolution or advisory request by submitting the Documents as per Checklist complete in all respect.

For urgent matters or to seek any clarification, please contact the Presiding Member of the DRA Wing directly; contact details are available on IREF’s official website [www.iref.net]

A processing fee of Rs. 5,000 (plus applicable taxes) is required, to be deposited into IREF’s designated bank account.

*members are requested not to put details of disputes in the WhatsApp groups of IREF.

*A success fee/additional fee may be communicated depending on the complexity and magnitude of resources that may be required to be deployed by IREF. Any such fee (if levied) will be communicated in advance prior to initiation of the process.

Step2: Acknowledgment and Committee Formation

Within 48 hours of receiving the completed RDRA Form and processing fee, a unique case number will be assigned, and a specialized committee comprising industry and legal experts will be convened.

Step3: Preliminary Resolution and Advisory


The committee will act promptly to identify viable solutions for an amicable settlement between parties. Simultaneously, the DRA Wing will offer initial advisory recommendations to the aggrieved member to protect their interests.

Step4: Comprehensive Assessment Process

Should amicable settlement efforts prove unsuccessful, the committee will initiate a through detailed examination of the dispute. Both parties will be invited to provide comprehensive submissions and evidence for meticulous evaluation.

Concurrent with this, the DRA Wing will offer litigation and advanced advisory services to safeguard the aggrieved member’s interests.

Step5: Final Advisory and Caution List

Post-examination, the committee will issue an official trade advisory along with any applicable recommendations. These findings will be disseminated publicly via IREF’s website, social media channels, and other mass media outlets.

Additionally, if deemed necessary, the name of any party found in default may be added to IREF’s “Caution List.”

The members are free to take into consideration the said advisory and act thereupon.

The purpose of the Advisory and Caution List being solely for advising its members, which the DRA Wing deems fit in the facts and circumstances of a particular dispute. The Advisory and caution List issued by the DRA Wing would be as per their best Judgment and in good faith.

We invite all members to take full advantage of this new avenue for resolving disputes and seeking expert advice. Your continued trust and participation make initiatives like this possible.