IREF Mission


At the Indian Rice Exporters Federation (IREF), our mission is to unite and empower the diverse community of rice exporters in India, looking for excellence in rice trade on the global level. We aim to create a single trusted platform for the entire Indian rice exporting industry to promote collective growth. 

We encourage collaboration and information sharing among our members, government bodies, and industry stakeholders to drive continuous improvement in the Indian rice export sector.

Our mission includes expanding the footprint of Indian rice exports to new markets worldwide, ensuring that the rich heritage of Indian rice varieties reaches a global audience. IREF accomplishes this mission through various activities and strategies made to promote rice exports. 

Moreover, we have teamed up with experts who consult with trade and other stakeholders and suggest to the Government any changes/alterations required in export policy occasionally. This relationship with the Government allows us to implement strategies for the growth and development of the rice trade industry. 

IREF guarantees to follow the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all our activities, ensuring a transparent and trustworthy environment for all stakeholders. We also assist in building connections of exporters with other stakeholders in the supply and value chain like market players, logistics agencies, and more. 

We also act as a source between trade at the back end and other regulatory and policy-making agencies at the front end. Besides, we also keep trade notified of the latest developments in domestic and international markets and provide new market intelligence as a part of other fundamental activities. 

IREF is dedicated to not only building the global reputation of Indian rice but also empowering our members and contributing to the sustainable growth of the Indian rice export industry. We aim to be a trusted, influential, and dynamic organization that elevates India’s position as a global leader in rice exports.


The Indian Rice Exporters Federation (IREF) conceives a future where India is recognized as a global leader in rice exports, known for its premium quality and sustainable practices. We want to expand our market reach to new, emerging economies, reducing dependency on any single market.

Our vision includes collaborating with government agencies, international trade bodies, and industry stakeholders to advocate for policies and initiatives that support the growth of the Indian rice export industry. We picture a united, strong, and influential federation that raises the voices of our members and addresses the collective challenges of the industry. We visualize to be a driving force for innovation, using the latest technologies and methodologies to optimize the entire rice export value chain.

We want to ensure sustainable growth and prosperity for our stakeholders, from farmers to exporters, while keeping the interest of the nation. Besides, our key vision is to support the highest standards of business ethics, transparency, and corporate social responsibility.