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India Rice Production - 2022-2023

India has numerous states dedicated to producing rice, with each state possessing their own distinct climate and soil type; their combined efforts contribute significantly to India’s total rice output. Here’s an overview of all these states that contribute:

West Bengal: Renowned for being India’s leader in rice production, West Bengal boasts numerous varieties – both aromatic and non-aromatic – of aromatic and non-aromatic varieties of grain grown here. West Bengal boasts an extensive network of rivers that help it harvest this harvest each monsoon season.

Uttar Pradesh: As one of the leading producers of rice in India, Uttar Pradesh produces vast quantities each year in its eastern regions that receive heavy monsoon rain.

Punjab: Punjab, famous for its success in implementing the Green Revolution, produces varieties of high-yield rice varieties using intensive irrigation as well as modern farming practices.

Andhra Pradesh: Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, with their vast deltas and river systems such as Godavari and Krishna rivers, are major regions for rice production and are famous for producing Sona Masuri varieties of grain.

Odisha: Odisha Producing rice varieties suited to its various ecological zones is one of the mainstays of life in Odisha’s population, so they produce many types of varieties suited for cultivation in Odisha.

Tamil Nadu: Rice production in Tamil Nadu primarily centres around Cauvery Delta. This state is renowned for producing both medium and short-duration varieties.

Bihar: Bihar rice cultivation flourished thanks to its fertile Gangetic plains and ideal climate, producing an ample supply of grain that provided sustenance to most of its citizens.

Chhattisgarh: Chhattisgarh in India has long been recognized as “The Rice Bowl of Central India.” Chhattisgarh produces both aromatic and non-aromatic varieties of this grain product.

Assam: Rice is the principal agricultural commodity grown across a variety of terrain, from floodplains to hills. Assam is best known for producing distinct varieties such as Joha and Bora that thrive there.

Haryana: Haryana Although not as large a producer than other States, Haryana has seen its rice production steadily increase due to improvements in agricultural practices and irrigation technology.

State governments play an integral part in providing food security throughout India while helping establish its position as a key player in global rice markets.

The Following Table Depicts Major Rice Growing States In India 

Production – (mn MTs) = 16.65

Production – (mn MTs) = 15.66

Production – (mn MTs) = 12.18

Production – (mn MTs) = 8.77

Production – (mn MTs) = 7.89

Production – (mn MTs) = 7.28

Production – (mn MTs) = 6.88

Production – (mn MTs) = 7.16

Production – (mn MTs) = 5.26

Production – (mn MTs) = 5.06